Wait. What?

Given the sheer amount of cars that now support Android Auto, you might be surprised to learn that the in-car software┬áisn’t actually supported everywhere. Today there are 40 countries that Android Auto is officially available in, with four of those added today and four added late last year.These are the four new countries added today:DenmarkFinlandIcelandSweden Man I hope Android Police is right about this one.

Damn you Android

I have been rocking my Nexus 5X for a couple of months now, and so far I have been pretty satisfied with the experience overall. However, I have run into a new a very annoying problem. The damn thing freezes on my at least once a day. Now I know that we are not talking about a high end phone, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that the damn phone is actually running. In all honesty I a doubly disappointed, since I am running stock Android, which is supposedly the greatest experience Google has to offer. I...

Pixel rumors heat up

Pixel phone listings appear at Carphone Warehouse, offering new shots and more info There’s not a ton of new stuff in this apparent error, but I did notice one thing. SD card support. Android Police seems to think that is not necessarily true, but I for one would really, really like that. So far the Pixel XL looks pretty appealing, but let’s see what Google has to say tomorrow.