Considering Premium

It’s the weirdest thing. I don’t really send or receive a lot of personal email anymore. Most of my communication goes via Facebook messenger or Google Hangouts; not even Skype is something I use a lot of these days, with the exception of Skype for Business of course. Despite this change in habits, I find myself oddly drawn to Premium. Since I moved to Android I have been considering moving to Gmail, but even though I find that it is fine product I can’t seem to actually do it. And now that I can can use my domain with...

Fix birthday calendar

I have ben really annoyed with the birthday calandar becase it has a lot of double or even triple posts. Well, I found a quick fix. Just delete the birthday calendar and the add it again. This will make rebuild your birthday calendar based on your addressbook.   I have had a whole bunch of services connected to my email, which made my birthday calendar have many double entries. I have since removed these connections but the calendar entries persisted. Now, having gone through the steps mentioned above, I now have a new and actually useful birthday calendar.... custom domains to make a return?

Microsoft is Testing a Premium Version of Paul Thurrott has the news as always via Mary Jo Foley. Pretty interesting as far as I’m concerned. I never understood why they didn’t make this part of the Office 365 Home subscription. Even though it’s possible use your domain email with today, it would be pretty nifty for my family if they made the functionality a bit better. We have two domains and it would make a lot of sense if we could use them with, especially after the move to the Office365 infrastructure.

Opt-in new is moving to the office365 infrastructure. If you care about these things I came across an opt-in option, which will get you on the waitlist. I am not sure if it’s US only thing, but it apeears ok from Europe. Check it out here: