Of things that could have been

Windows Phone died some time ago, and many of us have moved on to Android and iOS. I moved to Android but I still miss the fluidity of Windows Phone. Although most people have moved on, there are still a few die hards left. One of these made the video below, which only makes the death of WP so much sadder.

RIP Windows Phone

I bought my first smartphone in 2011. Microsoft had just released Windows Phone 7 and at the time I thought it seemed like a compelling alternative to iOS and Android. Of course, that was not the way things went. My HTC Radar 4 met en early end when I accidently left it in a pair of jeans that went into the washing machine. The power was still on, but it never returned to actual use. My next phone was the Lumia 800. I really liked the hardware design, and it just a mucj better product than the HTC. It was...