Wait. What?

Given the sheer amount of cars that now support Android Auto, you might be surprised to learn that the in-car software isn’t actually supported everywhere. Today there are 40 countries that Android Auto is officially available in, with four of those added today and four added late last year.These are the four new countries added today:DenmarkFinlandIcelandSweden Man I hope Android Police is right about this one.

Wishlist 2019

Christmas and New Years are over, so I guess it is safe to publish my wish list for 2019. Movies Anywhere in Europe. Because I am tired of having all those DVDs in the living room. Outlook.com/Gmail would have a view in their web interface that lets me view my text messages. For no other apparent reason that it would be convenient.

Getting ready to leave

So, who knew? I got a new job, which means I will be leaving my employer through the last five years. Actually, it’s five years to the date. For the most part, the last five years have been pretty good. I have had my share of big exciting projects, and I have been part of transforming a financial institution into a lean agile software machine. Well, we tried anyway. Now that my last day looms ever closer, I find myself being oddly at ease yet reflective. I suppose that is a good thing though. It suggests that the previous five...

Trying out wearables

I got Garmin Forerunner 630 for Christmas and this little bad boy actually supports Android notifications. Who knew how much fun you could have with a phone OS that is actually being actively developed. So anyway, when my Fitbit started coming apart I started using the Garmin full time just to try out the whole wearable thing for a little while. So far it works pretty smoothly. The Bluetooth connection seems to be rock solid, and I get most of my notifications on the watch now. However, I am not sure what to use these notifications for at the moment....