WordPress for Windows Phone

After resetting my phone I was unable to install WordPress as the app didn’t show up in the store. Apparently Automattic decided to discontinue windows phone support and therefore pulled the app. I did a search and stumbled across a link to the store allowing me to install. Perhaps it’s only in Denmark the app is inaccessible. Anyway, here’s the link Enjoy

Windows phone: Sync experience

I really like my Nokia 920. I really like Windows Phone 8. I really don’t like the desktop sync experience on Windows 8 though. In the Windows Phone 7 days, I was very happy with the Zune appliction used to sync music, podcasts, pictures etc. However, Microsoft killed of the Zune with the release of Windows Phone 8, replacing it it with “Windows Phone app for desktop”. Seriously? Be that as it may, the new app syncs a little differently, making the user experience very different, and in my opinion much worse. Hopefully we will see an updated version soon...

Lumia 920 in da house

So far so good. Setting up the phone to no time as usual, and Windows phone is a really nice OS. However, the PC experience is pretty bad, and I really miss the Zune software. Anyway, more posts to come as I use the phone even more.

Windows Phone’s new start screen

I am a huge Live Tiles fan, so I was clapping my little hands when I saw the new UI for Windows Phone 8. As can be seen on the screenshot, it is now possible to resize the titles as desired, meaning that there are now three sizes of tiles, and you can change all tiles just like on Windows 8. As far as I know, there are no new hardware news yet, since yesterday’s summit was solely focused on the developers. However, I am pretty sure we will soon see some new hand sets from Nokia, HTC and probably...