Adventures with Android

I have finally left Windows Mobile. It took a little while but eventually I started to feel a little left out because of the app gap and because of the limited develoment put into the OS. I chose Android because it came highly recommended and because I am not too comfortable investing my pension saving in Apple products. They are nice and all, but I don’t want to be tied down to one platform and I don’t want devices that are so expensive I am afraid to use them. Moving to Android has been an experience alright. I have had...

My new Nexus 5X won’t charge

So, I finally got my Nexus 5X on Friday. Being a happy camper I get started right away and everything looks and works great. Battery is at 74% so I plug in that bad boy using the USB-C cable in the box. In no time the battery goes to 82% and the phone even displays a little notification about rapid charging. Great. Then Google tells me there’s a software update to Android 6.0.1. I happily accept and the phones updates. Great, I am now running the latest and greates Android has to offer. Imagine my surpise though when I realize...

Fix birthday calendar

I have ben really annoyed with the birthday calandar becase it has a lot of double or even triple posts. Well, I found a quick fix. Just delete the birthday calendar and the add it again. This will make rebuild your birthday calendar based on your addressbook.   I have had a whole bunch of services connected to my email, which made my birthday calendar have many double entries. I have since removed these connections but the calendar entries persisted. Now, having gone through the steps mentioned above, I now have a new and actually useful birthday calendar....

White labeling my blog

I have finally abadonned the WordPress theme I ahve been using for many years. I have replaced it with Syntax, which is a nice white and minimalistic theme. I am doing to this because I am unsure of what to do with this blog since it is a waste of money to maintain the hosting if I don’t use it. Having a white theme is like having a clean canvas. I hope I will find some inspiration and come up with something clever.

Netflix alternative genres

I’ve had this list in a text file for ages, so I figured it would be one of those things I should post here. Someone else might find a use for it. Navigate to thus URL and replace the XXX with one of the category numbers underneath. Happy Netflixing. NetFlix Streaming by Alternate Genres (Extended List) Action & Adventure (1365)          Asian Action Movies (77232)         Classic Action & Adventure (46576)         Action Comedies (43040)         Action Thrillers (43048)         Adventures (7442)         Comic Book and Superhero Movies (10118)         Westerns (7700)         Spy Action & Adventure (10702)         Crime Action & Adventure (9584)         Foreign Action & Adventure... custom domains to make a return?

Microsoft is Testing a Premium Version of Paul Thurrott has the news as always via Mary Jo Foley. Pretty interesting as far as I’m concerned. I never understood why they didn’t make this part of the Office 365 Home subscription. Even though it’s possible use your domain email with today, it would be pretty nifty for my family if they made the functionality a bit better. We have two domains and it would make a lot of sense if we could use them with, especially after the move to the Office365 infrastructure.

Opt-in new is moving to the office365 infrastructure. If you care about these things I came across an opt-in option, which will get you on the waitlist. I am not sure if it’s US only thing, but it apeears ok from Europe. Check it out here: