New Firbit Charge HR

FitbitChargeHR18 months ago I lost my Fitbit Flex in the airport. At least I think I lost in the airport during a business trip, however, I could theoreticall have lost anywhere. This illustrates by biggest problem with the Flex – the locking mechanism. I lost it a couple of times before, but I always managed to find it again. But not that time.

So, when I decided to venture into the wearables category again, I needed something that would not fall off my wrist without me noticing. Enter the Fitbit Charge HR. I am not fully committed to any specific wearable yet, so the very reasonable pricepoint defenitely swayed me here. I know – I am a cheap bastard. Compared to the Flex, this is a meaningful upgrade in terms of features, so right now I am more than happy. The expanded data collection is quite useful to me. Heart rate, floors climbed, moving reminders are all features I actually use. ¨

I don’t use the Charge when I go running, as I still have my Garmin Forerunner. I am reluctant to make the switch, since it is not possible to change the band like it was with teh Flex. The wear and tear from running is pretty significant, and is the weak spot of the Charge. No replaceable band.

For now I am tracking my nutrition via MyFitnessPal as I think that service is better than what Fitbit offers. However, the integration between the two is pretty good, so it’s not really a problem. If Fitbit makes their service a little bit better I would definitely consider switching.

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