Considering a new phone

My youngest son is a year and a half old. Also known as Destructor the Baby he got his hands on my Lumia 930 a couple of months back, and needless to say the phone has taken serious beating. Wi-Fi seems to be experiencing some serious issues, the proximity sensor is toast and of course the screen is all scratched up.

Given that the Lumia 950 and 950 XL will soon hit the market, one might think that it is a pretty easy choice to pick a new phone. However, for the first time ever, I am seriously considering selling my soul and get an iPhone. I know, who knew. To be honest, I have grown pretty tired of a couple of things on the Windows mobile side of things. There have no meaningful updates to the OS for a very long time. The app gap is still there and not getting better at all. iPhone offers all the apps I need for work, usually before they are on Windows mobile and usually in a better state.

Knowing myself, I am sure the iPhone will be my gateway drug to the Macbook pro and other Apple stuff. Given how all of my tools of trade are running in the browser, except for Visio, that should not present any problems. My bank account might not agree though.

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