Day 2 with the Lumia 920: Screen

So, this is day 2 since I got my filthy hands on the black Nokia Lumia 920. Originally, I was unsure about the size of the thing, since it is quite a bit larger than my old Lumia 800. As it turns out, the size seems to be perfect for me, even though it takes a little getting used to. The user experience is much better with the big screen, and it seems like font and colors are just a lot crisper than on the 800. So, thumbs up on the screen quality and screen size. I find myself using my phone a lot more on the train in the morning, even reading fairly long texts is a good experience.

Last night I used my phone all evening, a time where I normally use my iPad. Now, just because I used for one evening doesn’t mean that I will retire my iPad, but the 920 seems to address some of the same casual computing needs that I normally have that time of day. I am sure my son will be happy at the prospect of taking full ownership of the iPad.

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