Facebook webmail på mandag?

FB Rygterne om en Facebook webmail har floret længe, men nu ser det ud til at Project Titan, som det hedder, kommer til at se dagens lys på mandag.

Techcrunch skriver:

Back in February we wrote about Facebook’s secret Project Titan — a web-based email client that we hear is unofficially referred to internally as its “Gmail killer”. Now we’ve heard from sources that this is indeed what’s coming on Monday during Facebook’s special event, alongside personal @facebook.com email addresses for users.

This isn’t a big surprise — the event invites Facebook sent out hinted strongly that the news would have something to do with its Inbox, sparking plenty of speculation that the event could be related to Titan. Our understanding is that this is more than just a UI refresh for Facebook’s existing messaging service with POP access tacked on. Rather, Facebook is building a full-fledged webmail client, and while it may only be in early stages come its launch Monday, there’s a huge amount of potential here.

Kilde: Jason Kincaid @ Techcrunch

Ærligt talt ved jeg ikke om verden har brug for endnu en webmail når man ser hvor udmærkede tilbud der allerede findes i markedet, men det er da en smule spændende at se hvad Facebook kan finde på.


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