Getting my Lenovo on

imageA couple of weeks ago my old trusty desktop PC died. I ended up up buying a Lenovo U430, which I had been looking at for a while.

The machine has some pretty good specs, but notably lacks an SSD drive, which I guess I have to add eventually. Of course, it has no CD drive, so I will have to get Windows on there in some other way.

As it turns out, I never ever use the touch screen, mainly because I don’t want to amke the screen dirty, but since the trackpad supports muliti gestures pretty well, I don’t really need the touch screen. The screen itself has pretty bas viewing angles, but nothing that I cannot live with.

The one thing that has surprised me, is how much I use the metro environment. I think metro is better for touch, but it offers me a lot of opportunity to connect to my work accounts such as Exchange and Lync easily, so I find myself using quite a bit these days.

That being said, I am not sure I really get the whole dual environment thing as I have multiple apps that do the same thing. Mail and Skype are good examples.

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