Goodbye Google reader, Hello Digg reader

It was a pleasant surprise when Digg sent me an email this morning, annoying the Digg reader Beta. Google reader has a often used product in my services portfolio, but due to the lack of support, the experience has been getting worse and worse over the years. As for the DIgg reader, it is still a beta version, and some basic functionality is still missing. However, I am more than willing to live with that for now. I think Digg has been really cool about building their reader service so quickly, and since I even like the design way better than Google reader, I will support this endeavor.

There will also be an iPhone app, which I have no use for, but the iPad app will definitely be of interest to me. I just hope we will soon see a Windows Phone app, and if we don’t there’s always Flipboard.

As for Google, well, as far as I am concerned, it is one less Google service that I use. Come to think of it, I only use Google search now. If only I could find a good alternative…

Update: I just noticed that Digg reader brought all my starred items over from Google reader. Nice touch.

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