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Health & FItness seem to be new black these days. It is very common here in Copenhagen to see runners training along the water and when you get further into the country side you can’t throw a smartphone without hitting a peloton of bike riders, myself included.

‘I have been a runner and a bike rider for many years, but I never really got into the whole gadget side of things. Granted, there were not a lot of gadgets around ten years ago compared to now. True to my geeky self I have been using a Garmin Foerunner pulse watch for a while now, but since that is a bit cumbersome to wear on a daily basis I have gotten my hands on a Fitbit.

Despite being advised to wait for the next edition to hit the market, I decided to get the latest Fitbit flex. So far the thing works out really well for me. It motivates me to take the long way around, or walk instead of drive, in order to reach my daily goal. However, if you are not slightly obsessed about these things my guess is that it will make sense to use.

Fitbit released an app for Windows Phone not too long ago, and it works extremely well. Bluetooth 4.0 keeps the battery drain to a minimum and the app is very metroesque.  All in all very cool stuff. The only thing is that since I use two device I have to use three service. One to extract data from the two devices and a third to consolidate data. Luckily, I can use MyFitnessPal because both Garmin and Fitbit will let me integrate my accounts. So, all food intake is registered in MyFitnessPal and all excersice comes from Garmin and FItbit. Not the most elegant solution, but it works.

All I have to do is keep to the schedule, and come July 2015, I will be able to ride up Kroonplatz or Zoncolan without problems – I hope.

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