Microsoft’s mystery announcement

The plot really thickens as we get closer to Microsoft’s mystery announcement later today. Most people seem to think that we will see a Microsoft branded tablet, which apparently makes a lot of sense.

I guess it makes sense for Microsoft to keep control of the hardware as well as the software, instead of relying on partners to do the work. The Kin and the Zune are the best examples of vendor driven hardware that has failed.

In more ways than one, this marks a radical departure from Microsoft’s strategy hitherto, and considering how difficult it has been for Dell, HP and the others to keep up with Apple lately, I suppose Microsoft wants to run this one on their own. I wonder though, where does Nokia fit into this? The Finnish mobile company is a trusted partner, who have expressed interest in entering the tablet market. I mean, consider a Lumia tablet for a minute. On the other hand, Nokia is hard pressed these days, and may not wish to take on a big investment in the tablet market at this point. Unless of course Microsoft has bought them.

All things considered, it is going to be pretty interesting later today. 

Update: Paul Thurrott seems to be a little less enthusiastic than the average blogger. Paul usually knows what goes on in Redmond, so now I am starting to feel a little depressed here. Could this be a huge dud? I really like Paul Thurrott, but this time I hope he is wrong.

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