New job, new systems

I started my new job this monday, and although I have only been here for a week, I thought a small blog post was in order.

Basically, I have changed industries. Whereas I used to make software for a software company, I know make software for a financial institution, or market maker as they would call it at the Stock Exchange.

Granted, I have not been here so long that I can write a comprehensive post about the suttle differences between the two industries, but I am quickly forming an opinion. Simply put, the world of finance is much more structured the the world of IT as I have experienced it so far. Of course, I came from an SMB and moved to an enterpise sized organization, but the attitudes are very different.

The finance guys seem much more focused on planning and analyzing, whereas the IT guys guys seem focused on execution. At Evenex we were able to think up something in the morning, and start developing in the afternoon. It’s a gross exaggeration but you get the idea. In the finance industry, so far at least, the emphasis on project models and methodologies are pervasive and very important to the development.

It is way too early for me to form an absolut opinion on which I prefer, but so far I am really liking the fact that I have the time to perform the necesary analyses before we start to actually code.

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