Nye features i Mango

wp75linkedinboxDer siver hele tiden rygter og nyheder ud om den næste opdatering af Windows Phone kaldet mango. Jeg har samlet en kort oversigt over de ting der muligvis kommer med. De skal dog tages med et gran salt, da vi stadig venter på et preview, som skulle komme den 24. maj.

First, the confirmed features Microsoft itself announced:

  • Third-party Multi-tasking
  • Twitter integration in People Hub
  • Office 365 and SkyDrive support in Office Hub
  • Internet Explorer 9 Mobile
  • Improved application discovery
  • Custom ringtones support
  • Over-the-air Podcasts Download
  • Better marketplace navigation
  • Bing Search "Extras"
  • Multiple Live Tiles per app
  • Revamped Games Hub
  • Expanded language support
  • Configurable background services
  • Pinnable email folders and conversation view
  • Microsoft Lync Mobile app
  • 1500+ New APIs (Motion Sensor, Gyro, Sockets, Database and more)
  • Private and Beta Marketplace and Parental Controls
  • Exchange Server email search, enhanced security and information rights management, and support for hidden WiFi networks

Next, the leaked features, which may not actually exist:

  • Bing Vision and Bing Audio
  • Turn-by-turn Navigation
  • SMS Dictation
  • Built-in Messenger and Facebook Chat in Messaging and People Hub
  • Automatic Games Sync via Xbox LIVE
  • Group Messaging
  • Artist Art on Lock Screen
  • Smart DJ Mix support
  • Camera shutter sound toggle

Built-in Facebook check-in and video upload support

Kilde: WMPoweruser.com

Derudover har Winrumors nyheden om en unificeret inbox:

Microsoft is planning its own unified mailbox feature named Linked Inbox.

The software giant revealed the feature in a press image sent to media outlets in New Zealand according to Neowin. Linked Inbox is expected to eclipse current unified mailbox features on rival platforms. It’s rumored that Linked Inbox will allow Windows Phone 7.5 owners to group specific email accounts into a single Inbox but also allow users to filter out others. The new virtual Inbox can then be pinned to the home screen of Windows Phone 7.5.

Microsoft is also making a minor change to the People Hub UI to include large and small picture support on its live tile. The company is making a number of large number of improvements for its “Mango” release and plans to unveil more at a VIP event on May 24.

Kilde: Tom Warren @ Winrumors.com

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