Skydrive: Crossplatform app done right

Windows_Live_SkyDrive_logoLet me start by saying that I am kinda partial to Windows Live, or whatever it is called these days. I am not really a big brand guy in this respect, as long as it works for me I am happy. Lots of people are more into Gmail for instance, but it never really offered me anything that Hotmail didn’t do as well.

But this post is about Skydrive, the online storage service that is part of the Windows Live family. Yesterday the Skydrive team launched apps for Windows Phone and iPhone simultaneously. Gone are the days when Microsoft would keep their best apps on the Windows platform, enter the days when Microsoft is no longer the all dominating platform. I am not big on Apple’s products as such, but I do have an iPad and it so cool to able to use OneNote along with my Skydrive on a  non-Microsoft platform.

The really cool thing about this move is that the consumer gets the real deal, and not some watered version of an app. The notable exception being the Xbox app for iPhone, which is just a little too little comapared to the Windows Phone version.

Anyway, I can highly recommend using these apps regardless of your platform of choice.

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