Surface Smartwatch coming?

According to The Verge, Microsoft is working on a Windows powered smartwatch, running a modified version of Windows 8. It doesn’t seem too unlikely, considering wearable tech seems to be the latest thing. It even makes sense to use the Surface brand, as Microsoft seems to be taking a page out of the Apple playbook by creating their own hardware.

I for one welcome our new hardware overlords, especially when you look at how OEMs have been producing a lot of subpar products for many years now. Hopefully the Surface brand signals a new era for us poor Windows users, how are willing to pay big bucks for really good products. Go ahead and call Apple Envy. I admit it freely. Despite their questionable business practices, Apple has created a really cool ecosystem of hardware and software, which is industry leading in more or less every way.

I wonder if we will see more traditional hardware carrying the Surface brand though. Ultrabooks and all-in-ones seem to be a natural evolution, however, as PC sales are down for the fifth consecutive month it is probably a very risky bet for Redmond. On the other hand, if we subscribe to the idea that OEMs are messing up the PC market, this might just be what the doctor ordered.

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