Time to switch?

I was reading that Ed Bott had switched from Windows Phone to iPhone, because Verizon didn’t push out the Cyan update. I have never had a problem with getting Windows Phone updates from 3, but my problem is not so much the carrier but rather the core functionality in the OS. Or, put another way, it seems to me that updates to Windows Phone are few and far between.

These things take time, I am fully aware of that. But over the last couple of months it looks like Microsoft is focusing more on iOS and Android, while forgetting about the few the proud, who actually buy the phones.

My trusted Lumia 920 is about to kick bucket after one too many drops, and I will soon be on the look out for a few phone. Addingn insult to injury, my Lenovo Ideapad is getting slower by the day, so now might the right time to make that switch to another platform to see if the grass really is greener on the other side.

That being said, Windows 10 is looking pretty good so far, and hopefully the UI will still receive a some serious updates. It might be a good idea to hold the horses for a second and see what will happen with the Windows ecosystem. Heck, I might even be able to buy a real Windows tablet.

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