Travelling again

Oh the boredom.
As my current project is getting ready to go on vacation, I am putting in one last trip to Poland to start another sprint. We have reached sprint 8 and we can start to see the end. Of course we still have a lot of work in front of us before we release to production, but the main chunks of code are close to being done.
Having travelled a fair the last couple of years, I try to remember why I thought this would be so cool to do back in college. In all honesty, it doesn’t get easier to leave the family, even though it is a very short trip with only one overnight stay. Could it be that I am getting old, fat and comfortable?

Regardless, I have a,song and dance show tomorrow with the development team, which should be fairly straight forward. Famous last words I guess.
I will try to find time to blog about my experience with outsourcing development.

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