Waiting for boot.wim

Any minute now.






Update 1: It looks like a lot of people are having the same issue. Try to search Twitter and you’ll see. My guess is that I have not yet been authorized to install, so therefore we wait a little while longer. My daughter seems a little impatient though.

Update 2: Yeah, so I decided that the boot.wim issue would not get resolved anytime soon, I went with the ISO option for installing Windows 10 on my daughter’s PC. Now her machine has more or less imploded, so it will be a while before this thing will ever be up and running. Words like Macbook and Apple have been uttered.

Update 3: So, I managed to get Windows on my daughter’s PC without any major problems. Of course we had to go through a long process of creating a bootable CD, since her Asus could not boot from from the USB flash drive, luckily I have an old laptop that could handle that for us.

The installation and activation went fine, but when we tried to restart the machine we experienced nothing but a black screen, sometimes interrupted by a blinking mouse pointer. I have now reinstalled the whole thing again and I am in the process of running Windows update. We didn’t let Windows update finish before restarting, so now we will try that and see if it works. It seems to take a very long time to get all the updates, but today we will exercise a lot of patience.

Update 4: OK, so patience didn’t work. It looks like windows 10 bricked my daughter’s laptop. I have one or two things I can try before returning to Windows 7. As for my own laptop, I was able to install (and restart) without any problems. I had to get som edrivers and there are some minor annoyances, but nothing I can’t live with. However, SR 1 seems to have messed something up. Windows can’t connect to the group service now. Mail doesn’t work, Edge doesn’t work and it takes almost 10 minutes for the computer to shut down.

At this point I am almost ready to throw in the towel. After all the issues with Lumia 930 I am not in the mood to deal with the two laptops. Anyway, time to take a deep breath, drink some coffee and deal with it.

Update 5: I have given up for now. I have installed Windows 10 about 5 times on my daughter’s computer and it won’t boot after updating. Back to Windows 7 for her, for now at least.

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