Windows 8: More on Metro

I have tried to use Metro as much as possible lately, mainly because enlightenment kept eluding me. For some reason I could never really get the hang of it, which made me think that using Metro the desktop was a bad idea.

I am nothing if not stubborn, so instead of giving up, I have been using Metro as my primary desktop for a couple of days now. To be perfectly honest, I like it more and more. My main concern was running multiple apps and switching between these. Normally I have a bunch of apps running at the same time, and I keep switching between them. This is very straight forward, when you use the desktop, after all, we have been doing it for 20 years, however, the Metro UI seemed difficult for me to use.

That has changed for me though. Getting used to moving the mouse to the upper left hand corner is rapidly becoming an easy thing to do, and the  notification I get, when a new mail arrives, or when I get a new IM makes a lot of sense. For instance, a new IM is shown in the upper right corner in a colorful metro-style bar, and allows me to easily switch to that app. Furthermore, I am really starting to like the full screen mode, which makes everything easier to see.

In addition, Scott Hanselman has a very good blog post about pinning useful stuff to the start screen, which greatly helped me making my start screen more useable. I highly recommend reading it.

Verdict so far: Looking better by the minute

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