Xbox One announced

I was watching the Xbox One announcement yesterday, and even though I missed a part of it due to my dogs needing to a walk in the rain, I thought it looked pretty interesting. Honestly, I don’t think the hardware looks that nice, but one can also hide it in a cupboard I suppose. What was very uplifting though, was the new voice and gesture controls as well as the responsiveness of the machine. I have done enough demos to know that sometimes they are not necessarily a reflection of the truth, but I will give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt here.

What will be really interesting though, will be the content that we can access on the Xbox here in Denmark. Microsoft has not really been good at launching their products in Europe (Bing and Zune for instance), so I am not holding my breath here. Of course there will always be apps for Netflix and eventually HBO Nordic, but regionalized content is most likely not in the works. Personally I would be throwing my money at the company that would allow me to stream the entire cycling on my Xbox. Just sayin’. Hopefully local Danish content will find its way to the Xbox, but considering the foolish TV licensing scheme we got going on here, I doubt it. On the other hand, with a good selection of content, we could get rid of our expensive TV subscription from TDC.

We will definitely get a new Xbox for the living room, although it has to be hidden away somewhere.

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