Going mobile

Oh the horror! I am losing my home office. Well, maybe not horror, but as the wife and I are expecting baby #3 it is time for me to get out of the office, and let the oldest kid have it. I spent a lot of time and energy redoing that room after we bought the house, and I managed to make it into a really nice little work space with a big elevation table, back light, 27″ monitor and a fairly decent chair. I currently use a desktop computer that I bought back in the Vista days. I have upgraded it with an SSD and some RAM, so it is still a decent machine for my use.

Outside of the work space, I managed to get some bookshelves that hold my book collection as well as the books I used for my Master’s degree along with my CD collection. I know, CDs are a thing of the past, but call me a sentimental sucker.

Anyway, I am in the process of packing away all my things, so the big questions arises, what do I do for work space now. Well, I need to go all mobile. That in itself is not anything new, but for the first time in 12 years, I don’t have my own work space at home. So I need to bring the work space with me. Therefore, I have started shopping around for a PC replacement since my trusted desktop machine is about to be retired. So far, I looking at a Lenovo IdeaPad and a Surface Pro, since both are compact machines that carry enough punch to run fairly demanding applications. I don’t need a big powerhouse of a notebook, since my time away from the computer is ever increasing, but I still need to be able to the basics in a smooth manner.

So, the game is afoot, as Mr. Holmes would say, and it is time for my credit card to pay the ultimate price.

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