Google & Netscape partnership?

Here we go again. While I was writing my MSN post the other day, I actually started thinking about what would happen if Google wound up winning the bid for AOL. As you know, gentle reader, I have an affinity for Netscape, which unfortunately is owned by AOL. Now, what if Google wound up with Netscape. Not only would they get a recognized browser name, albeit one that needs revitalization, but none the less, they would have a brand to work with. Having a Netscape division would permit Google to seperate its activities so that they won’t loose focus on their core business unit – search. Furthermore, buying Netscape would alllow Google to use the portal, which has over 18 million individual hits a month. Again, this would enable Google to seperate their search and their portal businesses. This article expresses much of what I just said – only much more eloquently.
Many people have talked about a Gbrowser, but what if this Gbrowser actually was Netscape? I personally do not like Google, but if they revitalized netscape, I just might change my mind. Additionally, it is worth taking into account that HP has just inked a deal with Netscape to ship its browser with all new PCs from 2006. Great way for Google/Netscape to get onto the desktop. All we need now is Netscape mail client and we are ready to rock and roll.
Lastly, we should not forget that Netscape is also an ISP, which might attract the Google guys, considering their move into wireless broadband.

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