It seems as if Netscape is trying to relaunch their website. Nobody really knows what it will be, but it appears as if the site is going to turn into a type news engine. Now that Jason Calacanis is the head honcho over at Netscape, I guess we will see a lot of social networking, maybe some blogging features, and definitely a user generated news function.
Let us hope that the renewed AOL interest in Netscape will yield a better browser and webmail. However, knowing the AOL approach to Netscape I think that is highly unlikely. I wonder if we will ever see a new Netscape browser at all, or if they are just going to cannibalize the brand name. The latter is probably more likely, which for me means that I will revert back to Internet Explorer 7 and my trusted hotmail accounts. Since the Mozilla foundation is performing fellatio on Big Brother Google, there are no real browser alternatives in my opinion.  Anyway, here is to hoping I am wrong

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