I hate my blog

StupidSo, I am looking through some of my more recent blog posts, and I realize that I absolutely hate 95% of my own posts. Note only have for about a year been one of those guys who write about the latest gadgets, but I have been uncritically regurgitating what the media has written.

Added to that indignity, I have been blogging in Danish. Sure, I am Danish, and it makes sense, on some level, to be writing in Danish, however, I have essentially been  limited myself from having interesting conversations with people who do not speak Danish. And believe me, there are plenty of them.

Where does this “revelation” leave me and my dumb ass blog? Well, I have decided to take a road that might land me in a heap of trouble. I will be blogging about my job, and what I do 8-9 hours a day. Well, that and some more stuff I am sure.

So why is my job so interesting? Well, to most people it probably isn’t. Being a Product Manager is like being in a no man’s land. Developer’s claim that you sit around and make pretty screen dumps, funny flow charts and basically has no clue about anything. On the other side of things you have a sales department, who think that you are sitting in an ivory tower thinking abstract thoughts about the otherness of other.

I guess both sides have valid points. I also think that perhaps there is much more to it than that, and that is exactly what I want to write about. See, I meet all kinds of people during my day. I have a development team in Manila that I have keep busy. I have architects and project managers in Denmark, who keep me busy, and then I have a large customer base, a customer base that is anything but homogenous. Believe me when I say that is a challenge when you manage a Saas application, which is supposed to work for everyone. I can give you a little hint. The Danish government does not work in the same way as global private companies do.

Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself. At Evenex, and earlier versions of the company, there has been no tradition of blogging about what we do there as individuals. It might be frowned upon by management, or people just don’t feel they have anything to share. I have been there for four years, and I know that is not true. AS far as I can tell I am the only there really blogging, so the Internet will have to make do with me, at least for now.

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