Man Resigns On Twitter In Haiku. Happens To Be Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz.

Screen-shot-2010-02-03-at-10_30_44-PM-630x461Dette er en ret morsom historie, som viser hvad man også kan bruge Twitter til. Historien bliver selvfølgelig lidt bedre når der er tale om en person, der er rimeligt højt profileret i IT branchen.

When you’re on your way out of a job, there’s a lot of fun ways to exit. Some choose to take all the staplers in the office, some show up to the last day in shorts, some pull a Jerry Maguire. And some tweet out a haiku.

Really, what more needs to be said?

Schwartz had been serving as Sun’s CEO since 2006; prior to that he was the company’s COO. It has been known that he would resign for several days now following Sun’s sale to Oracle, which the EU just approved.

Kilde: TechCrunch


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