New Year’s resolution

I didn’t make any resolutions this year, mainly because I have never been able to fulfill any of them in the past. However, last year I made one. I would stop posting on this blog. Now, I didn’t do too well, however, most of the few posts I wrote were issues with my Windows devices that I was somehow able to solve, and I figured other people could benefit from seeing the fixes I discovered.

The ambition with this blog was a lways to blog about my work, but I have never had an employer that allowed me to do this in the manner I really wanted. Everything has been a secret, even though there has never been any revolutionary projects that would make huge waves in the market. Well, maybe one or two, but that’s about it.

So, for 2016 I will leave this blog alone and only post things that could be relevant for others. Since I won’t beusing this space I might be discontiuing the domain and move all the content to There’s little need to pay for something I don’t use for anyting but an occasional email.

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