Note to self when starting a new project

Add all project members to contact list in Outlook and sync with phone. You will definitely have to call one of them in panic when you are in transit

Organize Sharepoint site from day one. At the end of the project you will need that specification you wrote 7 months ago. And you will need it now damn it, NOW!

Start a blog and remember to update it frequently. Any e-mail that requires more than five lines of text is a blog post. Well, maybe not, but you will have to answer the same complicated question again and again, and it will be much easier to refer people to your blog.

Make sure you have access to a function and up-to-date test environment. Chances are you will not be able remember every little intricacy about the system, so having access to a test environment is pretty damn convenient. Besides, testing things in production is not the greatest idea in the world. Trust me.

To be continued…

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