Rethinking home computing

WP_20131229_16_07_15_ProFor a while now, I have been looking to buy a new laptop for home use. I am currently using a desktop PC from 2008 running Windows 8.1, which works remarkably well. Now, I always thought that this desktop would be the last big machine I would ever buy, however, having thought long and hard about my computing needs, I am not sure it makes sense for me to get laptop.

I never bring a laptop anywhere, unless for work purposes. My Lenovo T430 is hooked up to my company’s environments, so it is not really an option to use it for private purposes. So a desktop might actually be the option for me, since I get a lot of computing power, and I can let the kids use it as well. Besides, it is much cheaper than a laptop and much easier to upgrade making it last for a very long time.

For mobility purposes, I am contemplating an 8” Windows device, perhaps a Surface when they arrive here in Denmark. It would be perfect for my daily commute, allowing me to watch Netflix, check my email etc.  while on the go. It would also be a really spiffy thing to have at home for casual computing.

As it is, I can’t seem to get the old desktop to break, so for now I will see if I can get my grubby hands on a 8” Windows device. Perhaps the Dell venue Pro 8” will be available soon. Then again, this Denmark so I am not holding my breath.

Update: Turns out the Dell Venue 8” is available in Denmark – who knew?

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