UML resources for Visio 2013

imageI am doing some analytical work on a side project these days. Currently, we are in the process of defining the scope of the system, so as the good analyst that I am, I have fired up Visio 2013. Now, I didn’t get the big flashy version of Visio, which means that I don’t have all the stencils I need. In another blog post I wrote about the BPMN 2.0 stencil, but this time around I have to use the UML stencil as I am working on use case diagrams and data models. Luckily the Internet is my best friend, and I managed to track down not only UML stencils but also crow’s feet.

You can grab the UML stencil here and the crow’s feet stencil here. If you are looking for BPMN 2.0 I recommend Orbus. Enjoy.

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