Facebook payments coming?


Gizmodo has a really interesting article about an alleged Facebook payment functionality, which might see the light of day soon. Working in the financial sector, og coure makes this a very interesting thing to me, since payments are a an area where the competition is heating up quite dramatically these days. Danske Bank is doing a bang up job with their MobilePay solution, and the other banks (well, most of them) are trying to get the Swipp application to take off for real.

Considering eBay has spun off PayPal in order to maximize the market potential, does indeed set the stage for some interesting fights over the years. I am curious as to how the banks will react to IT companies stepping on their turf. And who knows, maybe consumers will have no problem at all trusting IT companies with their payment information. And why wouldn’t they? At the end of the day even clearing is an IT system.

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