Windows Live Writer – my new favorite program


I just installed Windows Live Writer on my home computer in order to play around with it and get to know it. I installed on my work notebook the other day, but I have been too busy to really kick the tires. The one great feature I discovered was the abillity to manage two or more Live Spaces from one application. I manage two Spaces, and it is a pain having to log in and out of the various web interfaces. Windows Live Writer takes care of that. All you have to do is enter the url of your blog, a long with log in and password, and you are ready to rock and roll. 

Anyway, I won’t spend too much time hyping this program because a lot of other people do. Let me just remind you that you need to install .Net framework and Windows Live Toolbar to run Live Writer.

Stay tuned for a review of my new favorite search engine – Find out how this search engine makes my life much easier.

 Update: I just tried to post to my Blogger test account and it works beautifully.

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