Windows Vista and the future of Hardware

I just read this article over at Extreme Tech, dealing with the impact Windows Vista has on hardware vendors. Hopefully hardware companies will take a page out of the Apple playbook and increase their design effort. Now, you can say A LOT of bad things about Apple, but they know how to design really nice looking computers. Personally, I would rather not switch to a Mac, but admittedly, the design parameter makes it mighty tempting sometimes.
That being said, I find it mildly amusing how Apple is so focused on Windows Vista, considering the competitive environment. Apparently, they cannot get enough of this new OS, since they keep referring to it. Engadget has some pictures from the WWDC in San Fransisco. I wonder if this negative approach to branding will have a negative effect? Probably not among the die-hard fanboys, that make Scientology look like a a bunch of sexually confused sunday school rejects, but among the average computer user like yours truly. When it comes down to it these are just computers we are talking about; not some grand meaning of life. Granted, I will be the first in line to talk about “my personal relationship” with my PC, but that relationship is based on trust, respect, and understanding, NOT hate speeches  Do you know what I mean?
Anyway, as I said earlier I hope PC manufacturers will learn from Apple and create some mighty nice desktops

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