Considering Premium

It’s the weirdest thing. I don’t really send or receive a lot of personal email anymore. Most of my communication goes via Facebook messenger or Google Hangouts; not even Skype is something I use a lot of these days, with the exception of Skype for Business of course. Despite this change in habits, I find myself oddly drawn to Premium.

Since I moved to Android I have been considering moving to Gmail, but even though I find that it is fine product I can’t seem to actually do it. And now that I can can use my domain with for real, perhaps that is the way to go?

Or maybe not. Why on earth would I spend money on something I don’t really use. Seriously, am I that vain? Or am I just stuck on an aging technology for nostalgic reasons? My oldest doesn’t really use email and the two youngest are still too young to have any real use for these tools. When I communicate with my wife we always use Facebook messenger. That being said, the new premium service seems like a pretty cool idea, and if I can just find a domain everybody in the family likes I should be golden.

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